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Remote Learning 29.3.22

Good Morning everyone,

Listed below are some links and ideas for your learning at home today. I have kept the learning very similar to what we would have been doing in school today.


* Phonics - log onto Espresso and watch the video about the 'air' trigraph.

  Can you try to read and write some 'air' words? (hair, pair, fair, stair, hairbrush etc)

* In RE today we were going to make an Easter garden with signs of Spring and new life. You could try to do

   this at home or draw a picture of what would be in your Easter Garden.

* Maths - We are continuing with bonds of 10. Collect 10 items (lego bricks, pebbles, sweets, soft toys etc)

  How many different ways can you split them into 2 groups? Can you or your grown-up record this as an

  addition sum, eg 7+3=10  2+8=10 etc


Below there are also some links for you to access our story of the week and a song about it and a power-point about farm animals which we were going to look at this afternoon. The sound buttons won't work on the farm animal power point but I'm sure you'll have fun trying to make your own animals noises!

Enjoy your day, make sure you have time to learn and play. If you take any photos we would love to see them. Please email them to me on our class email -

Many thanks, Mrs Priestley