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Pupil voice during remote education

"I've worked hard on maths, english and science and built a snowman." Hayden

"Yesterday, I did the 'Waka Waka' warm up for PE - my mam kept taking videos." Jasmine

"I think I've done best in maths as I have done that every day." Byron

"I'm most proud of maths - going out in the snow after school" Charlotte

" In literacy my description came out really well." Oskar

"Just can't find the hand icon; it's good and after I've finished work I will play out in the snow." Natalia

"Getting on fine, liked WW1 facts I found them interesting." Laura

" I made some igloo sculptures." Levi

" I've been catching up on lots of work - the Waka Waka was fun and I'm enjoying the story, Mr. Tom. After, I am going on a walk with my sister." Vincent

" I have been doing work and using my CPG booklets - I also made a Lego car." Max


End of Spring 1 (12.2.21)