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Music with Mrs Priestley

19.5.20 - Class 1 Band

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Join me to play in Class 1 Band this week. We will begin with our ‘Hello’ song as usual. Then we will play a copying game, listening to the rhythm and trying to copy it using our instruments or clapping. Finally, Sophie will conduct our band. Follow her signals to play fast, slow, loud and quiet, and don’t forget to stop when she gives the signal. Enjoy!

12.5.20 - Let's explore dynamics and pace

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This week I have been teaching myself to play the Ukulele so I hope you will enjoy singing along with me. We will say 'hello' to all of our friends in Class 1 by beating out the syllables in everybody's name. Then we will use the instruments that you have been making at home to play in a band together, exploring dynamics and pace. Dynamics means volume so can we play loudly and quietly together? Pace means speed so can we play quickly and slowly together? I hope you will enjoy playing in the Class 1 Band. Get your grown-ups to join in too. Have fun, love Mrs Priestley x x

VE day - Bie Mir Bist Du Schon

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My friends and I recorded this song that we have performed together many times before in our vocal harmony group 'Spot On'. This time was very different as due to lock down we all recorded our parts individually instead of singing together, and Claire (who lives in France) put the 3 singing parts together with video and photos. I hope you enjoy it and enjoy your own special VE day celebration at home with your family. Miss you lots, Mrs Priestley x x

4.5.20 - Let's make music with instruments

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This week I set you a home learning challenge to make your own instrument. I wonder if you made an instrument that you can play by tapping, shaking, plucking or scraping. Use your instrument, or you could use a pan and spoon, to join in with today's music session. Beat out the syllables in everybody's names, and then join in with our Class Band! I hope you have fun x

28.4.20 - The Rainbow Song

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Rainbows are decorating windows everywhere as a sign of hope and a sign of thanks to key workers. I thought we could practise our colours and learn The Rainbow Song this week, then we will be able to sing it together when we return to school.

17.4.20 - Action Rhymes

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Sing along with Mrs Priestley; Hello song, I'm a Little Teapot, Head, shoulders, knees and toes, and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.
Singing makes me smile, I hope it makes you smile too!