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Last day - all the dorms have been cleared and the children hopefully have packed their own belongings! Just a few activities to go this morning - orienteering, archery  and rocket launch.


Weather not so great this morning - hopefully it will dry up as the day goes on. Lots of activities planned including the 3G swing, quad bikes and rocket launches and of course the disco this evening.

We've just been trying to upload the photos from the quad bikes and 3G swing but the computers are not playing nicely this evening. We will keep trying though. All the children have had a really busy day and are looking forward to the disco.

Lining up and having breakfast

3G Swing

Team Tech

Preparations for the disco!!


Up early this morning for breakfast at 7:30am. The fog has cleared and it's a lovely sunny morning. So far some of us have been on the agility frame, doing the nightline, Jacob's Ladder and building shelters in the bush craft task.

This afternoon some of us have had outdoor laser, nightline and the animation activity which is a computer task. Looking forward to tea!! Later tonight we have the Mini Olympics - here's hoping that the children will be so worn out they get to sleep straight away!

Mini Olympics Monday night


We have arrived here safely and the children have moved into Hawthorns dorm for their stay. Making the beds was interesting to say the least. Our guide while we are here is Catherine and she has taken us around the site to show us where we will be doing the different activities. The children and staff were all ready for their tea tonight and it was delicious as always. Tonight's activities are indoor climbing and a giant twister game.

Arriving at Kingswood

Indoor Climbing

Giant Twister