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Home Learning Ideas

Hi Class 3, 


I can not believe that this would have been our last week in school before the summer break! This week I have included some booklets and activities that you might want to dip into this week (or in the holidays if you want!).


I want you all to have an AMAZING summer holiday. Thank you to all of your parents/ carers for supporting school in this strange time. I can't wait to welcome you all back into class in September. Thank you all for being absolute superstars. 


Take care - I'll be counting down the weeks until I see you all!


Love Ms Stewart and Mrs Griffiths smileylaughxx

Hi Class 3, 


Can you believe that we only have two weeks left until the summer holidays? Next week in school would have been our transition to new classes and celebration of all the work that you have done whilst in my class. I am delighted that I get to keep all of you superstars with me next year as you move into year 3 and into the juniors! With this in mind, we would have usually done some activities so that a new teacher could get to know you all, so instead of that I would like you all to complete some work to tell me all about your lockdown experience instead. This should be a piece of written work (English) and some artwork to show your favourite moments. 




Write about your lockdown experience - the best bits, worst bits, include your feelings and emotions. Try to include all the things that we learnt about in year 2 - Variety of punctuation, Conjunctions - both coordinating and subordinating, spellings, handwriting, powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make your writing come alive!


Story challenge - "Locked" 

We all experienced a moment in history during Covid-19, when we were not able to go out freely, apart from a short walk for exercise. Put yourself in the shoes of the animal in the image and story starter, think about the questions carefully as you complete the story and the related tasks. 


Reading - Reading Eggs and Epic




Take a look at the daily lessons on bbc bitesize and complete the daily challenges





Art and DT


Can you create a painting/ drawing / collage to show some of your favourite lockdown moments. This might be spending more time with your family, somewhere you have visited, a funny moment etc ? Take a picture and send it to our email so we can share them on the website. 




One that Kai especially will love!


Learn about dinosaurs -



Activity Clubs 


Check out the activities on The Oaks National Academy for cook-alongs, art based activities to enjoy!


Have a great week everyone. 


Lots of love Ms Stewart and Mrs Griffiths xxx






LOCKED! Story image and tasks

Hi Class 3,

I hope you all enjoyed our circus theme week last week and perhaps learnt a new skill. This week in school we would have celebrated the feast of St Peter and Paul. St Paul wrote a letter all about love - Under the RE section  would like you to write about how you can show love to others and also you yourself. Use the Be kind to yourself sheet as an idea of what you can do. 

It would have also been our sports day and the 4th July is American Independence Day. I have included activities for all these events below - these are cross-curricular based and include reading, writing, maths, PE and Art and DT. 


Please remember to send in photographs of the activities you do. We love to see these. 

A special mention must go to Dylanyes who has made an exceptional effort with his reading using Epic. I have been super impressed by the amount that he has read. Others are using this site/app as well and I can see the progress that you are making. If you have not yet had the chance to check out Epic - please take a look.


Have a great week everyone.


Love Ms Stewart and Mrs Griffiths




Hi Class 3, 

This week in school would have been summer writing week and also circus skills week. 

With this in mind, all our activities this week will be circus inspired. 

For English I have included some 60 second circus reads (guidance is included) and our summer writing will be based around Nellie the Elephant - screen photos for instructions below.


For maths I would like to to create a circus bar chart and to complete some circus positional instructions. 


For art/ DT  I have included circus crafts and mindful colouring. Also take a look at for some great ideas.


In PE - I would like you to try and master the art of juggling. You could also practice your balancing (tight rope walker) and hula-hooping.


Most importantly - have fun! 


Don't forget to send us your photographs. 


Love Ms Stewart and Mrs Griffiths xx

Nellie the Elephant - writing tasks

Hi Class 3, 

Welcome to our next week of home learning. If we had been in school, this week would have been our Maths Enterprise/ Project Week, so for home learning I have included ideas and activities from focusing on money and real life situations. You will find all the resources needed below and you can log into the site using the school name and address at to find the video resources. 

I have also included some more recipes for children to try as this uses many maths skills also. 

We were also going to use this week to focus on the important males in our lives by introducing FUDGE week (Fathers, Uncles, Dads, Grandads, Everyone else). With this in mind, take a look through "Our Special People" powerpoint presentation and complete the activities focusing on the important males. I have also included some ideas for Father's Day cards (which can also be adapted to be cards for any important male) for Art/DT work. 


Linked with this is our writing lesson this week called "Like Father Like Son". Follow the link to access the image and story starter. Your task is to complete the story. Please remember to use correct punctuation, conjunctions and powerful



Take care and have a great week 


Lots of Love 


Ms Stewart and Mrs Griffiths 



FUDGE (Fathers, Uncles, Dads, Grandads, Everyone)

Father's (FUDGE) Day Card Ideas

Hi Class 3,

I hope you have had a good weekend. You will find your home learning for this week below.

For English I would like you to look at "kindness in the commuity". In these tasks you will look at vocab, spelling, conjunctions and writing an acrostic poem. 

Use the reading grid a well as reading eggs and Epic.

For maths I want you to practice multiplication and division. 

For science follow the link, sign up and explore one of the best learning resources - nature. 

For art, I want you to recreate a seascape. The link will take you to a pupil video for you to watch and follow the steps to create your own artwork. I'd love to see photos of these when they are finished!

For history - it is guess the mystery object fro the past. Use resources such as parents and grandparents as well as the internet or books to research what these objects are and how they were used. 


Have a brilliant week. Keep smiling laugh


Love Ms Stewart xx



History - Mystery Objects 1

Hi Class 3, I hope that you have had a really lovely half term holiday - we have certainly had beautiful weather for it!smiley

As Sunday 31st May was Pentecost Sunday, I am uploading some activities for you to try this week. This includes the Pentecost story - you could sequence, or write your own version. I have included some art/craft ideas around a Pentecost theme (flames/ fire /dove) There are some links to beautiful Pentecost songs from youtube that you could create a liturgical dance for. (Just like we have done many times in class so I know you are all great at this!) As the disciples were able to talk in different tongues (languages) following the Holy Spirit coming down upon them, perhaps you could try and learn some words from a different language e.g. colours, numbers, animals etc. 


If we were in school, this week would have also been Health and Well-being week and so I have also included many ideas around the theme of staying fit and healthy, including balanced diets, exercise, personal hygiene, dental hygiene etc. Do not forget about your mental well-being and make sure you are doing things that you enjoy and make you happy. wink


I have uploaded many different ideas, have a go at the ones you would most enjoy. If you do not have access to print, then do not worry, look at some of the sheets and create your own version in your exercise book. 


Please remember to keep sending us your photographs, as we love seeing you all safe and happy. I miss you all lots, stay safe and look after yourself and your families. 


Love Ms Stewart xxx



Hi Class 3, 

I hope you have had a great weekend. Time for some new learning ideas for this coming week.

For maths I would like you to look at balancing calculations - the total of the calculation on one side of the equals sign needs to be the same as one the other. e.g. 9+1=11-1. I have added some sheets to give you the idea. Don't forget you can copy these into your exercise book if you do not have access to print these out.

For written tasks I have included a think and write resource which will show you an image an ask you to write for sentences, each of which will have a specific learning objective (such as include an expanded noun phrase, or include certain common exception words etc). For science, we continue to think about plants and I have included some practical activities that you can do at home.

Reading - continue to read books at home and access Reading Eggs and Epic if you can. 

For ICT you can use ALEX and Kodable apps for coding and if you have it available perhaps you can use Word to copy in a passage from a book and play around with changing the font, size, colour. Remember to include capital letters and full stops and if you want to challenge yourself, try to import a picture from the internet. IMPORTANT - Remember all our internet safety rules - maybe an adult can supervise when you are searching for pictures. 

For Art perhaps to link to our plant topic, you can draw, paint, collage some plants that you have in your house or that you see on your walks/ bike rides. I have also included a 30 day Art/DT challenge sheet.


Have a great week, take care and stay safe. I miss you all so much.


Love Ms Stewart xx



Art/DT Challenge

Hi Class 3, I hope you all enjoyed your VE day celebrations and the long bank holiday weekend. This week I would like to you to continue Armchair Explorers and keep looking at time by pointing out the time when it is o'clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past and to the nearest five minutes to your grown ups. 

I would love you to explore money this week and below I have included a link to natwest who have some brilliant money sense activities and also some money word problems. For literacy work, please look at the Magic Tree task ideas. Please continue to explore plants and if you can grow your own or look after some plants (remember to send in your pictures). 

Remember all the other learning that you can do as well - espresso, reading eggs, mathletics, timestables rockstars, numbots and epic too. Dylan, Elliot, Georgie, Hanna, James, Mason, Millie and Scarlett you are all rocking Epic at the minute - keep it up. 


Stay safe 

Love Ms Stewart x

Some easy recipes for home baking - perhaps you could make some for the VE day picnic on Friday. 

Easy Recipes - Use your maths skills for weighing and measuring.

30 Life skill challenges

Epic! Activity Kit Prize! - Well done our class have read 200 books and received this prize.

This half term we would have been learning about telling the time. 

We would be recapping on the hour and half past and moving on to quarter to/ past and finally telling the time to the nearest five minutes. 

These resources will help, I recommend playing the recap slides first, then doing a bit of practice before moving on to the next (quarter to/past) slides and so on. 

The internet is full of interactive time games that the children can play to consolidate their learning. ictgames and topmarks being just two sites available. 

10 minute maths - Year 2

We would have been looking at plants as our science topic in school. Here are a few resources that you can use. Also search for videos online  (espresso - username student9312 and password stmary). Espresso is also great to use for other subjects as well as science too.