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Week 9
Week 8

Class 5 Week Beginning June 1st  

Welcome to Home Learning Week 8

Hope you all had a good half term and are raring to go for the Summer 2 Term.

The focus for this week is Health and Wellbeing Week and Pentecost.

We will be trying to keep it simple from now on with fewer websites and a more structured approach. This term we should have been studying Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne. The creative tasks will be based around that text.

Week 7

Class 5 Week Beginning May 18th

Welcome to Home Learning Week 7

Once again we would like to say a big thankyou to you all for taking part in the home learning and sending us your images. We hope this will all be over soon and we are back to some kind of normality.

Week 6

Class 5 Week Beginning May 11th

Welcome to Home Learning Week 6

Well we are now on Week 6 children and I must say we loved seeing your pictures last week. We really enjoyed our VE Day picnics and I hope you enjoyed yours too. My favourite snack was the ham and peas pudding sandwiches closely followed by the cream cakes.

Week 5

Class 5 Week Beginning May 4th

Welcome to Home Learning Week 5

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone. I hope you are all well. Miss Neasham and I have loved seeing your pictures and videos of the work. Please keep sending them in.

Week 4

Class 5 Week Beginning April 27th

Welcome to Home Learning Week 4

I hope you are all coping with the work we have sent you and not misbehaving for your new teachers. Miss Neasham and I are confident you will all be really good and try to get as much done as you can. Most importantly we want you to have fun and be happy. Miss Neasham and I are safely tucked away in isolation taking our daily exercise and keeping at least 2m away from everyone.

Week 3

Class 5 Week Beginning April 20th

Welcome back to Home Learning Class 5

I hope you had an amazing Easter and saved me some of your chocolate!!!

Well done for engaging with the learning we have added and we hope to return soon.

Brain Gym – Joe Wicks sets you up for the day on You Tube

Maths – White Rose Home Learning – Click your age groups and off you go

Extra Challenge for Year 5 Seneca Learning Maths Curriculum – work through the activities.

English – Pobble 365 Writing Activity of the day – Use the image and follow the instructions below it.

Science – States of Matter – Use Seneca Learning and work through the lessons

Creative – This term we will look at Landscapes in Art – See if you can draw a view from your window focussing on the scale of objects.

Creative – This term in Geography we look at Human and Natural changes on the Earth – How does nature and those who live on the planet affect the way it looks.

Finally this is an amazing resource you could log into every day for guided lessons for your appropriate year group.

We will also add fun activities for the special days and feast days that are coming up this term.

I know it seems like a lot but we need to get those brains back in gear – ours included. We hope to see you all soon – Mr Boyle and Miss Neasham

Week 2

Class 5 Week Beginning March 30th

I hope you are all well. Priority this week is that you have fun with your work.

Brain Gym – Joe Wicks on You Tube is great fun

Maths – Mathletics – Live Mathletics and games

Make a maths boardgame

English – Reading Eggs – Books and Comprehension questions

Use storyboard that website to create a fun story

Daily Diary – Be creative – were you abducted by aliens of play for England.

Afternoons – Art to make people smile is a sunshine in your window this week

History – Travel on an adventure through multiple time zones – did you fight cavemen then join Boudicca to fight the Romans then become a Knight of the Round Table

Week 1

Class 5 Week Beginning March 23rd

Maths – Mathletics work on decimals and percentages

English – Commentate on a match from Match of the Day download on BBC I Player with the volume off – great fun

Afternoon – Try to create a geometric pattern shown in Islamic Art

Remember to exercise – follow Joe Wicks on You Tube at 9am

Research the silk Road trade routes