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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5
Bushfire Fundraiser
Massive thanks to the children and parents today. We had great fun playing Kangaroo Races, Aboriginal Art and a Bush Tucker Trial. With your kindness we managed to raise £100 to help in Australia. the class have decided to donate to the World Wildlife Fund and become Koala Protectors. 
Maths Week - Probability 
Geography Presentations
Wheelchair Basketball
Christmas Party
Class 5 Feeding Families
Picture 1
Class 5 Advent Liturgy
Testing Forces Acting on Eggs
Testing the Effect of Gravity on Cars
Captain Chemistry
Science Testing Water Resistance
Festival of Lights Official Pictures
Remembrance Day Walk
Today we had an excellent learning walk around South Moor exploring the historic sites. Mark took us round the South Moor Heritage Trail explaining the history of the miners who fought in the First World War. For more information see 
Festival of Lights
Today we had an excellent experience at County Hall in Durham. We looked at many different faiths and how they celebrate. We had a lot of exciting activities to do and tried some amazing food. Elliot was great at tidying up too!!
Viking Longships
Crazy Creatures
Today we had an excellent experience with Crazy Creatures. We got to handle lots of scary animals including a Bearded Dragon, a Corn Snake and a Tarantula. This was to help our work for a scary writing day to include gruesome animals. 
That History Bloke
Today we had the privilege of a visit from That History Bloke (Richard) who took us on a whirlwind tour of Viking life. The children were enthralled with his Saga of Ragnar Furrylegs and were amazed by some of the Viking artifacts they got to handle. 
Gymnastics Coaching