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Class 3

Blue Peter Badge Winners!!

Runathon medals and winners

Next week’s spellings 

My group - list beginning with “straight” 
Miss Griffiths group - list beginning with “television” 


Don’t forget to continue using reading eggs, epic, mathletics, numbots and TTRockstars as well. As a class, we have now read 1300 books using epic - well done children - you are all amazing! 🀩😁🌈


Ms Stewart 

Spellings for next week

Maths - Using place value counters to solve calculations.

English β€œThe Wild Way home” drama - empathising with characters

Celebration Assembly 2.10.20

Class 3 spellings

Mrs G group - numbers to ten in words. 


My group - numbers to twenty plus multiple of ten words to ninety. 
In the test For my group, I will be giving children numbers like “56” to write using words.



Thank you 😊 Ms Stewart

Feeling the pulse in songs - music lesson

Still image for this video

Count on me - feel the music

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Celebration assembly 25.09.20

Homework - spellings

My group list beginning with “hey” 

Mrs Griffith’s group list beginning with “word”

Remember to keep accessing epic, reading eggs, numbots, mathletics, tt rockstars as well laugh


Ms Stewart 

Moana Mindful Movement



Spellings 18.09.20


My group - list beginning with “eight” 

Mrs Griffiths - list beginning with “want” 


All children have been told which times tables they are up to and should be practising these. 

Please also use epic, reading eggs, mathletics, numbots and times table rockstars at home too. 

Many Thanks


Ms Stewart 


Celebration assembly 18.09.20

Go noodle!

Mindful movement PE

History - timeline activity (prehistory lesson)

Morning Reading Activities

Celebration assembly in class

Working in the new normal!

September 2020 - WELCOME BACK!

Hi Class 3.

Another week of home learning awaits! This week as well as "Armchair Explorers" I have added some recipes, time work, 10 minute maths, plant work for science and there are VE activities as well. Remember to continue using Epic, Reading eggs, TTRockstars, Numbots, Mathletics and Charanga as well. 


Please use the rainbows below to access our home learning and photos from now on. 


Take care, Stay safe


Love Ms Stewart xx


Good Morning Class 3. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your families. If you have not checked out our staff video message have a look. It is also on our school facebook page as well. 


For this week's work you could continue to work through our Armchair Explorers project and I am also adding some fun scavenger hunts, as I know you enjoyed the one we did on world book day! I have also included some activity idea and challenge sheets too and a free choice writing genre list. I have even put a challenge to the challenge and included a year 3 challenge sheet for those of you who really want to stretch yourselves!


Don't forget to check out Epic! for reading as well - I've added a photo with the work of the class log in details in case you have forgotten them. It really is a great site/ app and there are loads of books to choose from. A special mention goes to Hanna, Millie, Dylan and Georgie who have used Epic lots and collectively read over 60 books! Well done you four - I am very proud!  It would be nice to see some more of our class making the most of this great resource - I am certain you would enjoy it. 


Finally, don't forget to keep sending in your photos of activities that you are doing at home. I really, REALLY miss you all lots and it brightens my day to see your photographs and smiling faces. 


Take care, stay safe 


Love Ms Stewart xxx



Home Learning 27.04.20

Still image for this video

Hi Class 3, I hope you have all had a great Easter and enjoyed some of the sunshine. I have uploaded your next stage of home learning for you to enjoy. I have included a project called Armchair Explorers which covers all subjects and uses the book "A Balloon for Grandad" (book images, audio and comprehension questions are all below.)

I have also included some additional English (descriptive writing tasks) and Maths (statistics) that we would have been studying this half term.

For RE, I would like you to think about how our unusual situation is affecting others in our country and around the world. Perhaps you could write some prayers that you and your family can say together.

Don't forget to send us photographs of your activities and work so that we can share your achievements together.

In addition to these new ideas, you can also still access reading eggs, mathletics, times tables rock stars, charanga, bbc bitesize lessons, white rose maths for year 2 (facebook page) and I'm sure we will be adding more ideas throughout the next few weeks.


Take care and stay safe.


Ms Stewart xxx

Jane Ray, illustrator of "A Balloon for Grandad", colouring sheets

A Balloon for Grandad - Book Images

A Balloon For Grandad - title page

Page 1

Page 2.wav

Page 3

Page 4.wav

Page 5.wav

Page 6.wav

Page 7.wav

Page 8.wav

Page 9.wav

Page 10.wav

Page 11.wav

Page 12.wav

Page 13.wav

Page 14.wav

Balloon for Grandad Comprehension

Home Learning Week 3 - 20.04.20 Brilliant Class 3 - You make me so proud!

Home School Activities Week 2 30.03.20 - Keep it up Class 3 Superstars!

Launching Rockets

Still image for this video

Design a base camp

Christmas Party

Feeding Families Hamper

The Bossy King Cast Photos - Class 3

Animal Show - Adopt a Snow Leopard

Captain Chemistry

22.10.19 Crazy creatures came to school today and we got to meet some skinny pigs, corn snakes, bearded dragons and a tarantula.

Class 3 2019-2020