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In school we regularly teach the children about Internet Safety, how to keep themselves safe and report anything that troubles them.

Here are some links to sites with advice and activities promoting E-Safety. Most sites have areas for parents and children.

If you have any concerns or want further advice please contact school.

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Advice for parents about You Now app and Live Streaming

YouNow is a fairly new app that allows users over the age of 13 to stream live video and receive comments from viewers.  Broadcasters (the children using the app) are encouraged to become popular and to create content that will attract more viewers.  There is also a system for buying a currency to virtually tip broadcasters.  Videos created could be copied and stored.  Durham Police have been made aware as a result of an ongoing case that paedophiles may be encouraging children to expose themselves, and are then involved in swopping images generated.

Further advice is available at .  Parents of primary aged children will want to ensure that their children do not have access to this app and that older children are aware of the possible dangers.


Tips for Parental Controls and Online Security

E Safety Policy