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Welcome to Class 1 2016 - 2017


Welcome to Class 1 2016 - 2017 with Mrs Priestley, Mrs Bentham and Miss Stafford. We have lots of exciting plans for the year ahead and will share the children's learning and experiences with you on our class page, as well as during 'Stay and Play' sessions and sharing the children's 'Learning Journals'. Most recent photographs and work will always be at the top of the page. Watch out for links to websites that we use in class, with fun, educational games that the children can access at home to support them with their learning. Enjoy!

We are Class 1

We are Class 1  1

Below are links to some useful Phonics websites that the children use in class and can also access at home. The games consolidate key skills including letter recognition, initial sounds, oral blending and matching sounds and words to pictures. We will add more website links throughout the year.

The Friends of St. Mary's Easter Egg Hunt

Today we read 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' and wrote a shopping list of the ingredients we needed to make our own pancakes. They were yummy!

'Living Eggs' have arrived in Class 1!

Monday 27th February. Today 11 'Living Eggs' have been delivered to Class One. We are so excited. The eggs are in an incubator to keep them warm. They have been in an incubator for 19 days and our chicks should start to hatch on day 21 (Wednesday). Fingers crossed!

Our first chick arrived at 4:45p.m on the 1st March!

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Attendance Award Pizza Party!

Today we won the attendance award for coming to school everyday! Mrs Robson gave us a Pizza Party with pizza, pop-corn and juice. We watched The Trolls film as we ate our treats, we had a great time!
During the week of the 26th - 29th of January we enjoyed or 2nd stay and play session! We showed our special visitors what we have been learning in Literacy and Numeracy - we wrote our names in the sensory trays, played with the adding machine, counted out with the Ladybird Bingo, and added together with the Lego bricks sheets. We also looked at our class page on our website.

Our 'Adding Machine'

We have been exploring addition using our new 'Adding Machine'. We select a number card for each jug and count that many pompoms into each. Then we pour the pompoms into the tubes and the machine puts them all together. We count the total amount to work out the answer to the addition sum.

'Little Dribblers' football coaching

Throughout Spring 1 we are really excited about our 'Little Dribblers' football coaching sessions. Anthony and Michael will be working with us every Tuesday morning, teaching key football skills through lots of fun games and activities. We will keep adding new photographs throughout the half-term!

Help! Elsa has frozen her friends!

Today we noticed some of our favourite characters were missing from our 'Frozen World'. Elsa's ice powers had gone terribly wrong and she had frozen Anna, Olaf and Kristoff. Together, we explored our 'frozen' characters and thought about how we could rescue them from being trapped inside the ice. We thought our warm hands would melt the ice and it did but very slowly. Then we decided to put the ice in a container near the heater, which also worked but slowly too. Our best idea was to hold the ice under a warm tap which melted the ice really quickly. Hooray - we worked together and saved Anna, Olaf and Kristoff!!

We had great fun building our own Ice Sculptures using different size, shape and colour pieces of ice. We made towers, animal homes and even designed our very own Ice Palace for Elsa! We had to work as a team and work really fast before the ice started to melt and turned too slippery to build with!

We have enjoyed playing in our 'snow' which feels realistically cold and wet! We got our antarctic animals from our 'Frozen World' and played with them in their natural environment. 

Shildon Railway Christmas trip

Throughout Autumn 2 we have really enjoyed our music sessions with Mrs Hill. We have explored rhythm and beat and played lots of percussion instruments by shaking, scraping and tapping them. We have had lots of fun and are all marvellous mini musicians!!

Throughout Autumn 2 we have been exploring colour mixing in lots of different ways. We scooped powder paints into our mixing tray and added water. Each time we made a new colour we painted a square on Elmer the elephants body. We also used ready mix paint, mixing the colour with our fingers, brushes, paint rollers and paint combs to see what new colours we could make. We had lots of messy fun and made lots of new colours and also lighter and darker shades of colours!

We have been learning about Baptism and today we pretended to be a Priest and baptised a baby. We used a shell to pour holy water onto the baby's head and said the words, "I Baptise you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Look at our colourful fireworks biscuits!

Linked to our learning about colour mixing, we iced firework biscuits today. We used a cocktail stick to add drops of different coloured food colouring onto our icing and then swirl all of the colours together. They looked fantastic and tasted even better!!

This week we have enjoyed 'pumpkin play' in the tuff spot. We scooped and scraped and chopped as we explored the pumpkins. We talked to each other about our pumpkins at home and Halloween. 

Stay and Play 1

Welcome to Class 1 2015 - 2016 smiley


Welcome to Class 1 2015 - 2016 with Mrs Priestley, Mrs Bentham and Miss Stafford. We have lots of exciting plans for the year ahead and will share the children's learning and experiences with you on our class page. Most recent photographs and work will always be at the top of the page. Watch out for links to websites that we use in class, with fun, educational games that the children can access at home to support them with their learning. Enjoy!

We are Class 1

We are Class 1 1

On Wednesday 22nd June we enjoyed a sweet treat as our school was transformed in a chocolate factory for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory writing day. Our teachers in Class One for the day were Miss Lollipop and Miss Candy Cane and they had a sweet shop full of fizzy bottles, marshmallows, foam bananas, jelly rings, juicy lipsand much more! We each got 10p to spend in a drawstring purse and we had to work out what we could buy with our money and write a shopping list. Some of us wrote our own stories about a chocolate factory which are brilliant - we hope you enjoy them! Look at our acrostics too - we had such a busy day!!

Music sessions with Mrs Hill

Throughout the summer term we have enjoyed a 5 week block of music sessions with Mrs Hill. We have explore the sounds of different instruments and how they are played and have also developed skills in rhythm and keeping a steady beat. We enjoyed taking turns to play the conductor of the orchestra and direct the class to play loudly, quietly, fast, slow and tell them when to stop.

Stay & Play 3

Fairy Writing Week

Living Eggs - Photographs

Living Eggs - 'Starting to Hatch' Video Clip

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Living Eggs - 'Not Long Now!' Video Clip

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Living Eggs - 'Almost There!' Video Clip

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Living Eggs - 'Our 1st Chick' Video Clip

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On Monday 22nd February we got 10 eggs delivered to Class 1 from 'Living Eggs'. They had been incubating for 19 days. Today (Wednesday 24th February) was day 21 and our first chick hatched at 14:30. The children were so excited to observe the chick pecking its way out of the shell and emerging from the egg. We were so lucky to see it all just before the end of the school day. We recorded all of the action on the IPad and hope that you enjoy sharing the experience together at home.

We have enjoyed our 2nd 'Stay and Play' throughout the week beginning 25th January 2016. We looked at some phonics websites that we use at school and can use at home too. The links to the phonics games and websites are listed below. We also looked at our school website and in particular, our Class page. Throughout the morning we played indoors and outdoors and explored a range of phonics activities. We also shared our 'Learning Journals' with our families.

Phonics Websites

Here are some links to fun phonics games that we use in class. They will support your child with learning their letter sounds, initial sounds, reading and more. Have fun!

Linked to our learning about 'People Who Help Us', we have set up a Post Office in class. Everybody wrote a letter to their families, put it in an envelope and stuck on their address label and a stamp. Then we all went to the post box over the road from school and posted our letters! We cant wait for the Postman to deliver our letters to our homes!

'Little Dribblers' Football Coaching

Throughout January and February we are enjoying 'Little Dribblers' football coaching from SAFC coaches Nathan and Nick. We have lots of fun and learn lots of new skills!
Advent Prayers
We had 'Advent Prayers' in class on Thursday 3rd December. We lit the candle and talked about this special time during Advent. Then we all coloured an Advent Wreath with our families.

We enjoyed our 1st 'Stay and Play' session throughout the week beginning 5th October. We enjoyed showing our families how well we have settled into our new classroom and how we do register and morning prayers. We played a phonics game with our Literacy puppet 'Baby Joey' and at the end of ‘Stay and Play’ we did active counting together – it was great fun! Our focus activity for the session was to decorate our name in the Craft Area. We can't wait for the next 'Stay and Play' in the New Year.

Visitors from Sri Lanka

Today was the first day at school for our new Reception children in Class One. They all looked so smart and grown-up in their new school uniform.

Welcome to Class 1 2014 - 2015


Welcome to Class One with Mrs Priestley and Mrs Mathias.

We hope you will enjoy looking at all of the things we have been learning about in Class One.

Look out for website links to useful educational games that we have been using in class, and you can use at home too.

We had a magical day on Wednesday 24th June when we entered school through the rabbit hole and into Alice's Wonderland! We met lots of characters from the story. Miss Sands had turned into the Queen of Hearts and our teacher for the day was Tweedle Dee. Tweedle Dee had stolen the Queens red roses for our class, and our pencils were in the Mad Hatters tea-cups. We enjoyed exploring Wonderland and the giant objects that had appeared in the corridor. Throughout the day we made the perfect cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches, and wrote instructions about how to make them for the Mad Hatter. We listened to the story of 'Alice in Wonderland' in the cosy rabbit hole, and we wrote inside a speech bubble for the white rabbit saying "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date". We also labelled character pictures and finished the day with a picnic on Alice's picnic rug. We had a busy day with lots of writing and lots of fun!!!

We had a great time taking part in the Runathon on Tuesday 9th June. First we warmed up with our sports leaders. Then we got into position at the start line and waited for the claxon to sound. We ran around the school field perimeter 4 times, which is a long way to run for little legs! We all did so well and enjoyed taking part. Everyone was ready for a drink to cool down afterwards!

Look at our wonderful writing!

We have enjoyed learning about mini-beasts, and we have written letters to 'Incey Wincey Spider' inviting him to a bug party. We are getting so clever that we can use finger spaces and full stops in our writing now. Mrs Priestley is very proud of us!

We have enjoyed weekly 'Story Parties' with Katie and Gary from 'Seven Stories' in Newcastle. We have listened to lots of stories including, 'Pig in the Pond' and 'Gorilla', and have explored the stories, characters and events using props, our voices, role-play, music and lots of other media, to bring the stories to life!

We enjoyed our 4th 'Stay and Play' session during the week beginning 27th April. Our main focus of the session was to observe the sunflowers that we have been growing, measure their height with cubes, and record an entry in our sunflower diary. We also enjoyed playing indoors and outdoors and showing our families what we have been learning about.

Linked to our learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, we have really enjoyed watching our own caterpillars grow, make cocoons, and then change into butterflies. We kept our butterflies in class for 5 days, and then we let them go on Wednesday 22nd April to find new homes. Some of the butterflies needed a helping hand out of the net, and some landed on us to say goodbye before they flew off.

We enjoyed our 3rd 'Stay and Play' session throughout the week beginning 9th March. We played in our small world 'Frozen', 'Farm' and 'Dinosaur' areas, exploring being imaginative and developing vocabulary and communication skills. We enjoyed playing with our families and had lots of fun!

Here are some useful websites that the children love using in school. I'm sure they'd enjoy using them at home too!